Lauzon Hardwood is one the best Hardwood Floors for the price. It is a Canadian mill, and has one the best selection of stains to choose from along with stunning select and better and pacific grade naturals.
Lauzon Northern Classics

Solid Wood Construction (3-1/4″)

Next Step (3 1/4″)(5 3/16″):

Lauzon Line Art Collection

Solid Wood Construction (3-1/4″)(4-1/4″)

Next Step (3-1/4″)(5-3/16″) :

Lauzon Antique Collection
Solid Wood Construction(3-1/4″)(4-1/4″):

Next Step (3-1/4″)(5-3/16″) :

International Series

Lauzon International Series
Next Step (3-1/4″)(5-3/16″) :